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Grazia Bambino  
Grazia Bambino raised in Alba, homeland of the white truffle, is art director in the field of TV communication. She has contributed to communication strategies and to design of wine companies, restaurants and other activities in the glorious world of food in Piedmont Langhe. In recent years, she has developed an expertise in the field of well being and harmony: she is now a shiatsu practitioner. All her love for beauty and its details has been the driving force behind the construction of the Amaca house.
Paolo Colangeli  raised in several locations of Southern Italy, always near the sea and its colors, has been author and director of a number of TV programs about cooking and health. He has always had dear to his heart the Dionysian aspect of pleasure and the charm of alchemic secrets of Italian kitchens as well as the Apollonian aspect of health, of correct behavior which alone may foster a real well being of individuals.
  Paolo Colangeli
Casa Vacanze L'Amaca Casa Vacanze L'Amaca Casa Vacanze L'Amaca
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