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Marchio di Qualità Parco Bracciano-Martignano
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Every area in the world has its special light and atmosphere and looks as if a special spirit inhabits it. Every journey is an emotional experience. Visiting the region of the lakes surrounding Rome helps our guests to relax, to find a philosophical path and establish a new relationship with nature (through food and sport) and history (culture and ancient art). The Amaca holiday house near the Bracciano lake is a place with a magical atmosphere for this encounter.


The house is located at 35 km from Rome, at approximately 40 minutes from the Vatican city and downtown Rome. It can be reached also by urban train from Cesano station, at 10 km from the house. In the middle of the parks surrounding the Bracciano and Martignano lakes, the location is in such a beautiful and quiet area that Hollywood celebrities like Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise chose these places to celebrate their marriages.
The villa has been recently constructed and maintains an elegant and simple structure whose harmony is in direct communication with the surrounding natural environment.

The owners Paolo and Grazia are two artists who have traveled and met different cultures and atmospheres from many places and then decided to construct the Amaca house to offer their guests some pleasant experiences like the Italian cooking courses. The guests may learn how to cook a successful menu following some simple rules of a healthy and balanced diet.

Foto Amaca, Casa Vacanze
Corsi e Tour del buon mangiare
divisore orizzontale
Sabazia New trips and travels to the lakes are free for all the guests in 2011. Upon request, we arrange boat trips and events including catering service and live music, see the videoclip
News Ottobre 2010 Da ottobre la sera, su prenotazione, cene di cucina tipica, a scelta tra pesce di lago o carne - compreso vino e dolce - al prezzo di 35 euro a persona, servita direttamente in camera per i week end romantici.
"L'Amaca di Grazia Bambino" Via Salvatori, 3, 01030 Monterosi (VT) - - Tel. +39.0761.093333 Paolo +39.393.0013929 Grazia +39.393.0012058