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Marchio di Qualità Parco Bracciano-Martignano
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Il Lago di Bracciano

L’Amaca is a place where you can relax, reflect and enjoy to being with yourself: upon request you can also have shiatsu treatments, consults for Bach Flowers and Yoga sessions.

L’Amaca is very close to the golf fields and leisure facilities of Sutri, near the famous Vallelunga autodrome and it is only at 30 km from the seaside, 35 km from the highway (15 minutes) to Rome. From the house you can start a nice tour in the whole Tuscia coutry side that is a medieval area, or spend a pleasant afternoon at the thermal baths in Viterbo.
The house is pet friendly, all pets are welcome!

Due to its mixture of archeology, art and nature the area around the lakes of Bracciano and Martignano has become a protected area: Parco Regionale Naturale. Both lakes offer long beaches with sport activities (sailing, canoeing, diving etc.). The lakes are very clean as motorboats and polluting activities are strictly forbidden (and this makes the fish a delicious meal!)
The hills around have many woods of chestnuts, beeches, oaks and even birches.
Farms in the area take advantage of the rich soil to grow healthy, biological products; taste them prepared accordingly to the ancient and fantastic recipes of the local cuisine in the many "trattorie" around the lake.
Trevignano Romano is the nearest village to our B&B, very charming with its Etruscan origins (visit the small but precious Musum of the City), the castle and the medieval alleys displayed along its volcanic territory.
The tour of the lake, among Romanic churches, parks and ancient archeological thermal baths brings us to the Bracciano village, built around the wonderful castle.
Continuing our tour of the lake we arrive in Anguillara, an ancient fishermen village where fishing has been famous since the period of the Roman Empire.

Dall'Autodromo di Vallelunga al tuo relax la strada è breve, per i veri motoristi due sgommate e sei arrivato all'Amaca, dove ti aspetta un fresco biolaghetto, trattamenti Shiatsu e un ritemperante relax.

The particular position of the Bracciano lake - among the sea, mountains, hills and fields - creates a very special microclimate: gently windy during the summer and warm and sunny during the winter.
This makes every sport possible: windsurfing, sailing, swimming, diving, fishing, horseback riding, biking, hang gliding, etc.
The cultural visits in Museums and places along the lake are just a small part of the attractions that the area offers. Go west toward Umbria for the great medieval and renaissance art; go north to the Tuscia, for the Etruscan necropolis and medieval towns like Viterbo; go east for the seaside and beautiful beaches, and south for Rome, the city called ''the navel of the world''.
Your hosts, Grazia and Paolo, will be happy to give you suggestions in order to discover the best itineraries and occasions to enjoy your vacation.

Casa Vacanze L'Amaca
Casa Vacanze L'Amaca
Casa Vacanze L'Amaca
Casa Vacanze L'Amaca
Casa Vacanze L'Amaca
Casa Vacanze L'Amaca
"L'Amaca di Grazia Bambino" Via Salvatori, 3, 01030 Monterosi (VT) - - Tel. +39.0761.093333 Paolo +39.393.0013929 Grazia +39.393.0012058